Chiropractic Care Benefits Top Athletes

Did you know that 31 percent of NFL teams use chiropractors in an official capacity as part of their staff?  In addition a full 77 percent of NFL trainers have referred one of their players to a chiropractor for evaluation or treatment.

A recent survey of certified NFL trainers revealed that 100 percent of them agree that players will choose Chiropractic care even without referral from the team medical staff.

Here’s what Dan O’Brien, Olympic Decathlete says about the importance of Chiropractic care and spinal alignment:

“You obviously cannot compete at your fullest if you are not in alignment. Your body cannot heal itself properly if your spine is not in alignment”.

A research study conducted by Drs. Anthony Lauro and Brian Mouch, published in the journal of Chiropractic research and Clinical Investigation, indicated chiropractic care has been shown to improve athletic performance by as much as 16.7% over a two week period. The report also concluded that subluxation-free athletes react faster, coordinate better, execute fine movements with improved accuracy and precision, amounting to an overall better athlete.

We appreciate your comments as to how regular chiropractic treatments have improved your athletic performance.