About Us

About Us

We opened Waddell Wellness & Performance in 2010 after making the decision to live and raise our family in South Orange County. Prior to 2010 we were in private practice together for 18 years in Silicon Valley.

Our primary focus is helping individuals and families identify and reach their health goals, through our unique specialized care. Removing disturbance and interference from the nervous system (the system that runs every other system in your body) is an essential key in reaching your own personal health potential.

Our specialty is whole family wellness care, ensuring that every member of the family’s potential for life and health is maximized. Additionally, we specialize in assisting professional, college and high school athletes and weekend warriors maximize their sports performance.

We look forward to meeting and assisting you with your unique health goals; whether that is pain relief, wellness and/or increasing sports performance.

Jennifer Waddell D.C. Will Help You Feel & Perform Your Best

“After graduating from UC Santa Barbara in 1980 I was on my way to medical school. In the prerequisite classes I had many friends who were on their way to Chiropractic College.

During that time I had a close friend who became badly injured. He was in so much pain he was unable to walk. After 3 days of bed-ridden pain my new Chiropractic friends convinced me to take him to see a Chiropractor. Three of us carried him in to the office. Long story short – just one hour later, he walked out, on his own.
The Doctor of Chiropractic explained that a bone in the spine had misaligned causing distortion in the nervous system, resulting in both pain and loss of function.
My passion about medicine, the healing process and wellness was finally fulfilled as I graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in the Fall of 1987, becoming a fully licensed DC in 1988. When Scott and I married we opened our joint clinic – West Valley Chiropractic in 1993 where we practiced for 17 successful years before relocating to Laguna Niguel in 2010 and opening Waddell Wellness Center.

Women’s and children’s issues are my primary focus, including the important areas of nutrition, adrenal support and anti-aging protocols.

Removing pressure from the nervous system is an essential solution in actualizing your own personal genetic potential. This important element is enhanced and supported by positive lifestyle choices that I’m passionate and willing to share with all of my patients.

I hope you’ll call or stop by our Wellness Center so I can meet and share these powerful principles with you and your family.

Scott Waddell D.C. Serves Laguna Niguel With The Best Chiropractic Care

“Becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic and serving mankind with non-invasive, holistic care isn’t a career for me, it is my calling… my life’s purpose”.

Growing up in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, I first discovered the miraculous benefits of Chiropractic. I injured my neck and shoulder. in a football game and was in misery and pain for weeks with no improvement, even with the attention and treatment of Neurologists, Orthopedists and Therapists.

A teammate suggested I see a Chiropractor. Upon completing my first treatment I noticed immediate improvement and regained 100% of my strength and function within two weeks.

The rest, as they say, is history. I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic – West, in December 1992 , with a Doctorate in Chiropractic. In the spring of 1993 my wife, Dr. Jennifer Waddell, opened West Valley Chiropractic in Silicon Valley.

We continued our Silicon Valley practice until moving to beautiful Laguna Niguel in 2010 where we’ve opened our dream practice – Waddell Wellness.

My primary focus is in the areas of Corrective, Wellness & Life Enhancement care. I’ve had the privilege of assisting both professional athletes and weekend warriors increase their Sports Performance to the highest level.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and helping you with your unique, personal health goals; whether that is simply pain relief, corrective care or wellness and lifestyle optimization.


Waddell Wellness On The Air

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Hear a recent interview of Drs. Scott and Jennifer Waddell, chiropractor, when he appears as a guest speaker on HealthNews, a popular Internet radio show which airs weekly out of the Northeast. Click the photo link below to hear the interview!

We stay current on the latest developments in wellness, health and advanced methods in chiropractic care… pediatric and family care and wellness, athlete and sports performance/enhancement, nutrition and supplementation by attending many post graduate continuing education programs and professional seminars throughout North America each and every year.