I finally found the right chiropractor for me

My life improved 100% plus, the day I discovered Dr. Waddell. It was the beginning of a new life! There was almost immediate relief. Dr. Jennifer has a very upbeat approach to her work and makes you feel very good. She helps begin my day with a bit of sunshine.

Lina M.

I have been going to Waddell Wellness for over a year now and truly appreciate the care Dr. Scott and Dr. Jennifer have provided. I am an avid cross-fitter who regularly pushes my aging body way past the comfort zone. In additional I have a job that requires long periods of time cramped into an airplane seat, but regular visits have kept me functioning in tip-top shape. I strongly recommend their service.

Kurt B.

I went to two GP’s, an Internal specialist, an Orthopedic specialist, and two Chiropractors prior to seeing Dr. Scott Waddell for chronic unresolved neck, back and rib pain. The care I have received has been outstanding! I am able to now engage in high intensity activity (P-90x) without any of the previous symptoms and have no pain or restriction in movement. Drs. Waddell, are genuine, honest people and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking to improve their health & wellbeing.

Kurt H., Pilot, Laguna Niguel, CA

I finally found the right chiropractor for me; Dr. Scott was able to correct my serious neck problem that other doctors were unable to do. I am now sleeping very well, my body feels relaxed and my blood pressure has gone down. I trust both doctors with the weekly adjustments of my 3 children. If children participate in any kind of sports I think having regular adjustments are a must for their all around health. I Love the location, I Love the office, and I Love the results.

Ivana R., Dental profession & Mom

When I met both Dr. Jennifer and Dr. Scott I hadn't had much experience with Wellness Chiropractors. What a life changing experience! Not only has this care benefited my husband and me, but both my children also now get adjusted. We highly recommend their care and their insight for your health. Give yourself the gift of a wellness consultation. You will not be disappointed!

Christy I., Sales, Ladera Ranch

Caprice C., Entrepreneur, Laguna NiguelI really feel blessed to have met Dr. Jennifer Waddell. Being in the health and wellness industry myself, I was immediately drawn in by her knowledge of the body and how to keep it healthy. She truly cares about her patient's well being. Her office is conveniently located, comfortable and with the best tools chiropractic has to offer. I was suffering from back problems and my 14 year old son suffered from chronic headaches. Within 6 weeks our symptoms were eliminated. I now sleep comfortably and my son is no longer plagued with daily headaches. Thank you Dr. Jennifer!

Caprice C., Entrepreneur, Laguna Niguel

I love being a member of their practice and getting such quality chiropractic care. I genuinely feel better and I know that they have helped me maintain a healthier quality of life. Dr. Jennifer & Dr. Scott are truly concerned and are committed to the overall health and well being of their practice members. I am met with a smile and positive words for the day and I always leave their office with a smile and a positive outlook. They are two amazing people and I highly recommend them to everyone. They have beyond doubt made a positive difference in my health and well-being!

Lisa G., Business Woman, San Jose, CA

Susan Zuagg My husband and I and our two young sons have been experiencing wellness chiropractic care with Drs. Waddell for over two years now. Initially, I was referred to their office because I was looking to find relief in my lower back with my pregnancy, as well as my headaches. Not only did we find relief from our pain, but we felt an improvement in our overall health and well-being. We have realized that keeping our bodies in proper alignment through regular chiropractic care keeps the body's nervous system functioning at the highest level, thereby keeping us as healthy as possible.

Susan Zuagg

My husband and I have been to other Chiropractors and found Dr. Scott and Dr. Jennifer's approach to be unmatched. They are very gentle in their adjustments and of course have been very helpful in assisting our family achieve better health and well-being. We would, without hesitation refer anyone to Dr. Scott and Dr. Jennifer. Thank You for all you’ve done for our family

Susan Z & Family

After my wife experienced such great results, I was hoping to find an answer to the chronic pain in my shoulder and knee that I had been suffering with for years. I couldn't remember the last time I could get up after sitting cross-legged without limping from pain in my knee. I also had injured my shoulder while playing baseball and was experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort. I am now completely pain free.

Talmage Z, CPA

For the majority of my adult life, I have suffered with jaw pain, chronic headaches and sinus infections. I have been a patient of Waddell Wellness for the last six months and have seen tremendous improvement in my overall health! The headaches and sinus troubles have been greatly reduced! I have been very pleased with Drs. Waddell; they are professional, warm, caring and helpful!

Sharon Townsend, Mom

Michael Mollenhauer, Marketing Consultant, Dana PointBoth Doctors Scott and Jennifer Waddell continue to provide me with the very best Chiropractic care I have ever received. I find that I'm sleeping better and I have more energy for all my daily work and sports activities. I would highly recommend Waddell Wellness to anyone who is seeking positive results.

Michael Mollenhauer, Marketing Consultant, Dana Point

Tanya Kamka, Pediatric NurseI only have wonderful things to say about Waddell Wellness! As a Nurse, I understand how important health is physically, mentally and emotionally and Drs. Jennifer and Scott truly embody that belief. I have seen improvements in all aspects of my health, and look forward to every visit I have.

Tanya Kamka, Pediatric Nurse

Keely Linquist, Fitness Model & Mom  I met Dr. Jennifer & Dr. Scott at a time when I was going through a lot of stress and my body was out of sync. I had a major 5 week headache. I'm not one who gets headaches. I wanted to do what was best for my body, taking care of it naturally. They provide education about caring for your nervous system and the information is INVALUABLE and life saving. Under their care, I am healthier, more energetic, my head is clearer, I sleep better; my body manages stress better...everything is functioning properly and I feel fantastic!

Keely Linquist, Fitness Model & Mom

Darrelle W., Health Sales Consultant, Huntington BeachBeing in the wellness profession, Waddell Wellness is beyond any chiropractic experience I could ever imagine...amazing, professional & so personable!! They don't do the traditional "crack" adjustments, very noninvasive and extremely effective!!

Darrelle W., Health Sales Consultant, Huntington Beach

Erica Duran, Certified Professional OrganizerWaddell Wellness has helped me tremendously! I am a total health nut - I always try to optimize every aspect of my fitness and nutrition, but I was missing this very important component of my overall health. The pain I was in didn't alarm me because it had come on so gradually over the years and I just brushed it off as normal aging. As I started visiting Waddell Wellness regularly; I felt an overwhelming sense of detoxing and increased energy. My health is back on track again and I am performing at much higher levels in my athletic endeavors. I also had a chronic ear infection from a SCUBA incident that completely cleared up. Their knowledge, and professionalism is second to none and their diagnostics are truly state-of-the-art. Thank you so much!

Erica Duran, Certified Professional Organizer

If you are concerned about your ability to live your life to the fullest without pain or medications, I encourage you to check out Drs. Waddell at Waddell Wellness & Performance. I have experienced very personal and practical care for my specific health challenges. Dr. Jennifer & Dr. Scott are professional, with a heart for building healthy life styles for each of their clients. Their adjustments, tools and encouragement have allow my body to begin to heal it’s self without surgery or medication.

Cindy Latin, Homemaker, Laguna Niguel

Tracey Abbott, Hair Stylist- St. Regis Resort, MomI could not say enough positive things about WADDELL WELLNESS! I have been a patient for 6 months and have experienced what they do best. The severe pain I was having on my right neck and arm completely went away within weeks. Since then I have experienced weight loss, increased energy, and I have not had any form of sickness…I feel the best I have ever felt in my life. My experience has been superior to other Chiropractic care I have received in the past. Drs. Scott and Jennifer have a plan and use the top latest technology where they track your progress. The results have been amazing. I choose Waddell Wellness because I want to improve my quality of life for life!!!

Tracey Abbott, Hair Stylist- St. Regis Resort, Mom

Robin Bonswar, Beach Body Fitness Coach, RSMMeeting Dr. Jennifer and Waddell Wellness is a lifesaver. After helping resolve a very painful injury, I have continued to see her for overall health improvement and wellness. I trust her completely; she also now cares for my two young sons. Drs. Jennifer and Scott are very professional and friendly. Their office is warm and welcoming, even to my two very active boys!!! Thank you Waddell Wellness!

Robin Bonswar, Beach Body Fitness Coach, RSM

Chad Hutchison, Founder CEO, Dicom Solutions, IncBeing in the Medical Imaging industry, I attend every major conference for the top Chiropractors in the profession; Drs. Scott and Jennifer Waddell are highly respected and have an impeccable reputation. They utilize the latest technology available and are at the forefront of the most advanced techniques to best care for their patients. After my first visit, I went home disappointed that it took me so long to go to see them; I immediately felt a change and continued with routine visits…my pain went away and my energy level increased. I highly recommend Drs. Waddell and Waddell Wellness."

Chad Hutchison, Founder CEO, Dicom Solutions, Inc

Paul I., Ladera RanchI have been a back pain sufferer for the past 20 years and have been to several chiropractors, but not getting the relief I was hoping. That was until I went to Waddell Wellness. Dr. Scot’s approach to my health was so unique and he uses the most state-of-the-art equipment, pinpointing exactly where my problem originated. I am now pain free and can once again be as active as I want to be. If you are in pain or want to stay healthy I would absolutely recommend Waddell Wellness.

Paul I., Ladera Ranch