Wellness Workshops

Chiropractic Wellness Workshops Help You Live Pain Free & Healthy

Our Doctors are available to speak & present a chiropractic wellness workshop for your organization or company. Weekly workshops presented at our wellness clinic.

Waddell Wellness & Performance – for your Company, Group, Organization or Sports Team

Drs. Jennifer & Scott Waddell are wellness experts committed to educating individuals and families in South Orange County. The topic, format and length of the presentation can be custom tailored to your specific needs. For companies, these presentations encourage, educate and create a healthier, more vibrant company, which in turn will provide more productivity. A desired goal is to initiate a shift in the mindset, regarding their health, from passive & reactive to proactive and involved.

Our purpose is to educate, empower and inspire individuals and families in our community
to live lives of their highest health potential naturally, with knowledge & self responsibility
-Drs. Waddell


Your employees will be given the tools to not only take responsibility for their health, but also create victories in their pursuit of a better life. Let Waddell Wellness start a ‘wellness revolution’ in your company, no matter how big or small.

Strategies to Improve Your Health & Wellbeing for Life-

“Invest 45 minutes to create a healthier life”

Revolutionary discoveries in the sciences of Genetics, Lifestyle & the Cause of Illness…
will improve health, wellbeing, save lives & will save money.

Most Popular Health & Wellness Presentations:

  • Maximizing Your Health & Human Potential
  • 3 Secrets to Stress Management
  • Healthy Eating for LIFE
  • 7 Secrets to better Health & Healing
  • How to Create Health instead of Disease
  • 6 Secrets to Raising a Healthy Child
  • Maximized Athletic Performance
  • Outrageous Women’s Health for Life

COMPANY HEALTH FAIRS: Computerized Stress & Nerve System Evaluation –

The computerized stress analysis takes less than 5 minutes per employee

This is a non-invasive, painless & private test that provides immediate results. The testing is done through a computerized format with Space Foundation Certified Technology. This state-of -the-art technology allows a confidential assessment and determines your stress levels. At-risk individuals can be identified before this results in an illness or injury that in turn will inevitably lead to low productivity or absenteeism.

Solutions can be given to initiate immediate positive changes. Each participating employee in the stress analysis will have a follow up recommendation that educates them on how to become more engaged and responsible in their own health. The individual approach will help each person take responsibility for their health first, and give future, proactive strategies to ensure greater levels of health, wellbeing and energy.

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